Giving Back to Our Community

We love giving back to our community. Being able to give to people and animals in need of food, hearing instruments or even a dose of kindness is an important part of who we are.

Donations for Hope for the Homeless!
Advanced Hearing Aid Center Donations Hope for the Homeless
Giving Back to Our Community
Donations Collected and Given to the Presbyterian Women’s Shelter
"Puppies Behind Bars"

Thank you to everyone who purchased hearing aids from us and to all who contributed to “Puppies Behind Bars.” We raised approximately $465.00 and we are not done!! Mission | Puppies Behind Bars

Puppies Behind Bars Community Support
Giving Back to Our Community
Texas Ramp Project

Dr. Roth is handy with more than just hearing instruments.

Health Fairs

We love meeting new people at Health Fairs throughout our community.

Giving Back to Our Community
Giving Back to Our Community
Gift of Hearing

Our Christmas Gift of Hearing recipient was recommended by letters from her friends and family during our campaign.

Red Nose Day Campaign

Having fun with our patients on Red Nose Day to celebrate helping children have a brighter future!

Giving Back to Our Community
Giving Back to Our Community
Community Dog Food Drive

Dogs are family too! Some dogs are just waiting to find their families. To make sure they have a good meal, we partnered with our community and held a dog food drive for our local pet shelter.

Toys for Christmas — Handcrafted by Dr. Roth Himself

This past Christmas, Dr. Roth made 300 wooden toys for children and donated them to the YMCA. There surely were a lot of smiles on little faces!

Giving Back to Our Community
Giving Back to Our Community
Dr. Roth, Mary Ann, Jan & Kathy Donating Blood

Gift of Blood Donations at Carter Blood Care.

Dr. Roth and Our Patient, Who Is the Recipient of Our Latest "Gift of Hearing."

Dr. Roth loves to surprise someone in need with the gift of hearing aids. You just never know who it will be.

Giving Back to Our Community
Giving Back to Our Community
Fill This Baby Bottle with Pocket Change

Pocket change collected for the Metroplex Women’s Clinic.

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