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Providing Quality Hearing Care in Fort Worth Since 1985

Giving Back to Our Fort Worth Community

We love giving back to our community. Being able to give to people and animals in need of food, hearing instruments or even a dose of kindness is an important part of who we are.

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supporting the Presbyterian Women's Shelter

Donations Collected and Given to the Presbyterian Women's Shelter

Community Pet Food Drive

fort worth community dog food drive

Community Dog Food Drive

Dogs are family too! Some dogs are just waiting to find their families. To make sure they have a good meal, we partnered with our community and held a dog food drive for our local pet shelter.

Toys for the YMCA

fort worth community dog food drive

Toys for Christmas — Handcrafted by Dr. Roth Himself

This past Christmas, Dr. Roth made 300 wooden toys for children and donated them to the YMCA. There surely were a lot of smiles on little faces!

Gift of Hearing

fort worth community gift of hearing

Dr. Roth and Our Patient, Who Is the Recipient of Our Latest "Gift of Hearing."

Dr. Roth loves to surprise someone in need with the gift of hearing aids. You just never know who it will be.

Gift of Blood Donations

fort worth community blood drive

Dr. Roth, Mary Ann, Jan & Kathy Donating Blood

Gift of Blood Donations at Carter Blood Care.

Metroplex Women's Clinic

fort worth community pocket change collected for the Metroplex Women's Clinic

Fill This Baby Bottle with Pocket Change

Pocket change collected for the Metroplex Women's Clinic.

Puppies Behind Bars

fort worth community puppies behind bars mission usa celebration

"Puppies Behind Bars"

Thank you to everyone who helped us with a donation for "Puppies Behind Bars" and for participating in our USA Celebration. Donations will be matched and we will be giving the organization $500.00! Our patients are the best!! Mission | Puppies Behind Bars

I drive over 60 miles round trip to see Dr. Tom and the staff at Advanced Hearing Aid Center because of the quality of expertise, professionalism and care they provide."

- Jim, Mansfield, TX

People get socially withdrawn from hearing loss. They don't participate in life and then when we get them hearing better, they get involved with people again and with their activities they withdrew from, and it just adds a lot to their lives. That's what we're about, and that's what we want to do -- help people reconnect with life through better hearing."

- Dr. Tom Roth, Owner, Advanced Hearing Aid Center

My rooster started crowing louder, my floor started squeaking, my clock ticks with volume—all because of my fantastic new hearing aids!"

— Wes, Decatur, TX

I think Dr. Roth and his very able staff as the friendliest, most knowledgeable and professional group one could ever imagine!"

— Juana-Rosa, Fort Worth, TX

Dr. Roth and staff were the most knowledgeable and helpful hearing assistance I have ever received. Dr. Tom told me things I have never heard from another audiologist about my particular product. Thanks so much!"

- Julie, Bedford, TX

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